Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cover Reveal and New Release - Lady Charity and the Guilty Pleasure

It is with much excitement I announce the launch of my book, Lady Charity and the Guilty Pleasure, published through Blushing Books. This book explores the difference between fantasy and reality, seen through the eyes of a young lady. As a woman born in another time, Charity has little control of her life, which becomes evident when her affections fall in an unsuitable direction.

Her weakness is exploited by an unscrupulous suitor, who suppresses a true love of his own to aspire to her rank and title.  Not your usual erotica, Lady Charity and the Guilty Pleasure is primarily a traditional Regency romance, and the erotica is represented in a forbidden book she reads.  If you love passion, intrigue, and a strong plot that falls outside the usual mold, then check me out on the links below :)

Click for links to purchase:
Now available at Blushing Books

Enjoy with my best regards! Let me know how you liked it!

Jill Jackson

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