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Presenting: Past Interference - by the Tantalizing Kathryn R Blake! #erotica

Appearances can be deceiving.
Tonight, for your reading pleasure I have the very latest in the Corbin's Bend phenomenon from Mistress Kathryn R Blake. Her latest little slice of life will have you drooling for more. And just to get you warmed up, here's a brief synopsis of the plot!
When Jerry Douglas asks Elly Benson to marry him, he wants their ceremony to be as close to Valentine's Day as possible. Though Elly tearfully accepts Jerry's proposal without hesitation, as she readies herself for her second wedding, the doubts and misgivings of any new bride-to-be are exacerbated by the abuse she suffered during her first marriage. When Elly recalls how quickly her uncertain stomach jitters grew into tight knots of pain on her wedding day, she also remembers how and why she'd fallen in love with and married Arthur, her first husband. A mistake she regrets more and more with each passing hour....
Though she's lived with Jerry for four months now, and been subject to his discipline more than once, her first husband had been kind and careful with her, too, in the beginning. At least until she vowed to love, honor and obey him. And their move to Corbin's Bend turned him from the strict, but caring husband she thought she'd married into a monster she no longer recognized.

And now here's a totally free excerpt from the book itself!
Elly's fretting over upcoming nuptials get to the point that she's practically worked herself into a panic.

Once Muffin settled and the house was quiet again, Elly picked up her cell and called Charmagne Kendle, Brent Carmichael’s sexy, live-in girlfriend, who still resisted walking down the aisle with the founder of Corbin’s Bend.
“Hi.” Char’s voice held a slight laugh to it. Char and Elly had been close friends for months now, so she undoubtedly suspected Elly had been stewing and second-guessing herself for the past hour before she called. However, Char also thought Elly’s fears about her upcoming wedding were groundless.
“I can’t do it. This isn’t going to work,” Elly announced, her eyes brimming as she began to pant.
“Yes, it will.” The laughter instantly vanished from Char’s voice. “You’re worrying yourself dizzy over nothing. What were you doing before you called me?”
Elly glanced down at the jumbled mess. “Going through color swatches.”
“Elly, why? You did a beautiful job picking everything out. I love the flowers you chose. The church will shimmer like a piece of heaven all in white; and your reception in the community center is going to bloom like a flower garden in February. Your dress is breathtaking, yet practical. Everything is going to be perfect.”
“How can it be when the bride’s such a mess?”
“Take a deep breath, Elly.” Elly sucked in a lungful of air. “Good. Now another. Okay. Are you getting another headache?” Char asked, her worry evident.
“No. I don’t know. I’m fine,” Elly insisted. “Just scared, I guess.”
“Call Jerry now. If not caught early, those migraines can put you out of commission for days. I know you. You’ll insist nothing is wrong as you continue to work yourself into a state that’s so bad, Marcus will need to sedate you. Trust me, if you let it get that far, your head won’t be the only thing that hurts when you get better, and you know it.”
“Okay,” Elly agreed on a sigh. Jerry couldn’t help her with this, she needed to do it herself, but he wouldn’t understand that. “I’ll call or walk over there, although I think his receptionist is tired of seeing me.”
“Sally? She adores you. Everyone who works with Jerry loves you, because you’ve made their boss so happy. So, call him, or see him. Your choice. But if you don’t do it, I’ll tell Brent, and you understand what that means.”
Elly immediately straightened. “Hey, you can’t do that. We have a pact. You swore you wouldn’t tell if I confided in you.”
Char chuckled. “Okay, I won’t, but if Brent drags it out of me, and you know he’s awfully good at that, it won’t be my fault.”
“Fine. Okay. I’ll go. However, I want to state for the record that I’m doing this under severe protest.”
“Just as long as you do it, you can protest all you want. Call me later. ‘Kay?”
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Author Bio:
Lessons in Love is Kathryn R. Blake's sixth novel with Blushing Books, and fifth spanking romance where Domestic Discipline is primary to the plot.  Although Kathryn is relatively new to the spanking romance market, she is not new to stories where the hero spanks the heroine.  In fact, most of her novels have some sort of spanking in them.  However, even in Kathryn's novels where the hero firmly believes in using spanking as a deterrent, he has no desire to cause the heroine injury and takes no delight in hurting the woman of his heart.  In fact, sometimes he finds it extremely difficult to follow through on his threats or promises.
To date, all of her heroes are dominant, alpha males who are extremely protective of the women they love.  However, part of that protectiveness includes the need for a certain amount of control.  They do not suffer defiance or disobedience lightly. Even so, these men aren't infallible, and they do make mistakes, but love and respect will always triumph in the end.
Kathryn has been a member of RWA since the early 1980s and has joined several local and special interest chapters. Besides writing, Kathryn enjoys traveling, reading, attending the theatre, and is a passionate lover of animals, so much so that in 2015 a stray cat adopted her. The stray now sleeps in Kathryn's bed.  She has also recently taken up the expensive hobby of making and selling jewelry.
Her personal website,, is filled with photos and links to information about her many interests as well as peppered with quizzes, contests, games and lots of other fun things to do and she loves to hear from her readers, so she has an e-mail link at the bottom of every page.

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