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Just Released: London Lady by Heather Hart #kindle #romance


And here it is! My latest romantic roller coaster - offering love, sex, murder, and a pair of villains to drive coffin nails through your heart!
Centered round a true story, London Lady is set in the 1960s. The city is in the grip of fear as two notorious mobster twins make their mark north of the Thames. But they have legitimate businesses too, and driven by need, Claire takes a job in one of their nightclubs as a hostess.
There she meets Bill "Lucky" Underwood. He's their major crime lieutenant, and she knows falling for someone like him is dangerous and stupid. Claire will do anything not to get mixed up in their violent world, but Lucky proves a hard man to say no to....

Love Scene

When he opened the Jaguar door for her it was like coming home. She had to admit she missed this - all the attention - the admiring stares from passer-bys on the street. The way she felt when he was with her. The delight she felt when he held her hand.

Something about the smug look on his face told her he was thinking the same thing too. She looked out of the window, not wanting to encourage him any more than she had. But the silence itself was slowly snowballing into something enormous, and by the time he pulled up outside her house the sexual tension between them had reached critical mass.

She slipped her key in the lock, and the second the door closed behind him he was kissing her neck and sending electric vibes to every nerve center in her body.

“You promised,” she whispered, but leaned back into him all the same. His hands crossed over the flat of her belly, caressing the slight swell there, pulling her close.

“You’re right,” he said. “I should stop, shouldn’t I?”

She took his hands and raised them up to her breasts, shadowing the back of his hands as he touched her. “Yes, you should stop at once. You’re being very, very naughty.”

The hairs on her neck bristled as he nuzzled under her ears and kissed along the line to her shoulders. “I know. But I can’t help myself. Do you hate me, baby?”

Her knees buckled as he continued to massage her. “So very, very much,” she gasped. Yet she couldn’t stop herself; even though they were standing in the middle of the hallway with nothing but some flimsy net curtains between them both and the street outside. But she reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt, and Lucky followed her lead and helped her out of her knickers. Her hands splayed against the hall wall and Lucky caressed her from behind. She was surprised at how wet she was — God she was so ready for him, and he for her, because she heard the slip of a zipper and the rustle of his trousers as they fell down around his ankles. He kicked them to one side, and with his hands on hers now, he pressed into her, his need to be inside her as desperate if not more pressing than her own.

“Fucking hell,” he cried. He had never pounded her so hard or so furiously. His mouth was as eager as his sex drive, and she twisted her neck as far round as she could, wanting their flesh to connect in every possible way. He devoured her so hungrily she could hardly breathe; and kept pushing back, maximizing both their pleasures.

She could have fucked him for hours, but Lucky was no match for this unexpected onslaught - his orgasm was so sudden it was frightening in it’s intensity.

“OhhhsweeeeetLord.” He was satisfied, but still he didn’t let go of her. But that was okay, she didn’t want him to let go either, especially since neither knew what would come after. At last, he pulled out of her body, his nose nuzzled into her neck again as he sniffed her very skin. “I love your body,” he said. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed it.”

“Just my body?” She knew what he meant, but it was fun to tease. “Not my charisma or my intellect?”

“Everything. There is nothing about you I don’t love. Nothing.”

She turned around and wiggled her skirt back down over her hips, covering herself. “You are a wicked man though. You didn’t keep your promise.”

He laughed and kissed her hard again. When he resurfaced, he had another of those cocky looks splattered across his face. “How could I resist when you threw yourself at me so wantonly?”

“I did not!”

“Did too! I was barely in the door when you hoisted up your skirt, revealing the best bum in Bethnal Green. What’s a man supposed to do? I was trying to be polite.”

She laughed. “Well this sexy bum needs to go get cleaned up. That is, if you were serious about taking me out to dinner?”

“Mmm.” He pushed away from her with the greatest of reluctance. “Of course. I’m bloody starving!”

“That makes two of us.” She picked up her knickers from the floor and ran up the stairs, throwing them into a heap of laundry by the door in the bathroom. As she closed it behind her, she leaned back and looked up at the cold white ceiling. What the hell am I doing? She had bumped into him one time and already her good sense had flown out of the window. This is utter madness!

But the truth was all she wanted to do in her heart was change as quickly as she could and get back down to him. With a resigned sigh she turned on the bath taps and slipped out of her soiled clothes and stood naked in front of the mirror. Her reflection looked back at her, and was clearly smarter than she was. “Really, who are you trying to kid?” She loved him. It was foolish to think she could stay apart. Every time he was away like magnets they both found ways to gravitate back toward each other. She grasped the cold porcelain sink and shook her head. They were meant to be together. Who was she trying to kid? She might as well accept it.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. “Is that a bath you’re running? Want some company?”

“Sure,” she said. “Come on in.”

There was no need to invite him twice. He slipped inside and shuffled out of the last of his clothes while she tested the water.

“What do you want to eat?”

“To be honest I’m so hungry I could go for a bag of chips or something. Just not at one of the clubs okay, because I don’t think I could handle it tonight.”

“I understand.” He sat down on the edge of the bath and pulled her away from the sink. He held her hips, and looked down her thighs at the cuts on her legs. “I should have taken better care of you.”

“It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault really.”

With the tip of his finger he gently examined one of the cuts. It was scabbing over already and the initial raw soreness was gone. ”Do you know what I would like to do?”


“I would like to jump in the car and drive on through the night until we reached Scotland.”

She threw her head back, laughing. “And what’s in Scotland.”

“Gretna Green.”

Her eyes locked on his. He was totally serious. “You want to elope, right now?”

“Sure, why not. People talk about it all the time. Why don’t we, eh? We could be married first thing in the morning.”

“What about work?”

“I’d call it in. The twins would understand.”

“You’re insane.”

“That is the truth. Come on, baby, why don’t we? Don’t you love me?”

“Oh Lucky, I love you more than anything. I wish I had the words to express how much. But Gretna Green, really?”

She pulled away from him and turned off the taps. She tested the temperature with the palm of her hand, then slipped carefully into the warm water. He climbed in behind her, his long legs wrapping around her, pinning her at the hips. “Pass me the flannel, I’ll wash your back.”

She slipped back into his chest while he lathered up the soap on the cloth. A moment later he pushed her forward, his hands lovingly cleaning her neck and shoulders; her body burning with renewed desire as his fingers danced all over her skin. The flannel grew cold, and he dropped it back into the warm water to heat it up again. This time he ran it over her upper chest as she nestled into his open arms. As he touched her breasts, she moaned softly, and leaning up she opened her mouth to him, needing that intimacy once more.

Round and around he washed her, his hands sliding down below the surface of the water, and down to the space between her legs. He washed her there too, but at some point the cloth slipped away, and it was just her, his hand, and the steam of the bathroom.

“Oh Lucky.”

He worked her, bringing her to her brink, stoking her passion. Her desire lifted her out of the bath as she arched ever upward, reaching for his touch. She was so close, so close, a moment longer and she would be in heaven, climbing.

“Marry me, Claire.”

The flame burst throughout her body and in the heat of the moment, she couldn’t help herself. “Yes, YES, YES!” At that moment he could ask her anything, she could not refuse him. Her voice was heady, breathless. “Yes, anything, whatever you want.”

His mouth was on her, sharing her moment, as if he could drink the pleasure that pulsed freely through her veins. She found herself reaching back, but he held her tightly. “Claire, be serious now. I want you to elope with me.”

How could she refuse him? Every inch of her body delighted when he was near - how stupid to deny herself such a blessing from life. She fished for the flannel and as he set about cleaning her properly she nuzzled into his flesh like a contented cat.

“I was serious, Lucky. Yes. Let’s go to Gretna Green soon. Now shut up and wash me before I change my mind.”

With her back to him she couldn’t see his face but she was pretty sure he was smiling.

“Do you realize what a mess you’ve made of your bathroom floor?”

She glanced casually over the side. “Oh well.”

As he lathered her legs he drew in a determined breath. “It’s official. I am going to marry these legs tomorrow. How quickly can you throw some stuff together? We can get a few hours in tonight, stop over somewhere, sleep in the car if we have to, but we’re doing it.”

“Tomorrow? But Lu….”

“Hush. We’re doing it. You’ve said yes already. Twice. I’m not going to let you disappoint me again.”

She knew when she was beaten. All the air left her body and she relaxed in his arms, letting the warm water soothe her sore limbs. “Very well. I can be ready in ten minutes, once we get out of the bath. How long will we be gone?”

“Three or four days. It takes as long to go up as it does to get back.”

“And you’ll square everything with the twins?”

“Yup, as soon as I can get to a phone.”

“Alright then.”

It was his turn to relax. She closed her eyes and took in a huge gulp of air. Somewhere out there all her doubts and fears still lingered, but she chose to ignore them. They had had their say, but in the end it was their love that triumphed. And this was not the moment for them to resurface. She was going to be Mrs. Lucky Underwood. That was all that mattered now. As for the rest, well, now was not the time to think about it. There were more pleasant things in the world. Like sharing a moment with the one man she loved more than any other on this earth. As for the rest - well - all that could wait. After all, tomorrow was another day.

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Author Bio:

Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.
When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

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