Saturday, June 25, 2016

Presenting: Cassie and the Fire Captain, by Katherine Deane

Ooooh I absolutely love this cover art, don't you? It's not often I drool over the hunky dude in the picture, I mean, seen one, seem 'em all, right? BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! What's not to love? This one's by Stormy Night Publications. Well done, you guys, awesome job.
And now for the cream! If you haven't read her before, you have to read this book by Katherine Deane. She's amazing! But don't take my word for it. Read the sample she's provided below. Enjoy!!!
“Oh, you’re one of those kind of guys.” She rolled her eyes.
“What kind of guy is that? And by the way, I don’t like having young ladies roll their eyes at me. I find it disrespectful.”
 Oh for Peteness sake. “You are obviously the kind of guy who has to always be right, and in charge, and probably caters to archaic forms of structure and discipline in his house.”  She wrinkled her nose and he laughed.
  “Actually I do have certain feelings about men and women in relationships. Mutual respect, structure, good communication, and yes, occasional...” his eyes twinkled, “discipline.”
 She huffed, and turned her head. Surely this man was not suggesting what she thought. And if he was suggesting it, would he follow through? “So let me guess, you keep your wife barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen, and you beat her whenever she ticks you off.”
 “Not even close.” He smiled and stood. “My ex-wife was an interior decorator who worked outside the home, and though she was quite often barefoot, she did not become pregnant, despite our repeated attempts, and she almost never set foot in the kitchen.” He turned to her, and his eyes darkened. “And no matter how much she baited me, and pushed me, I did not beat her. I would never hit a woman in anger.”
 “Oh, well good.”
 “But I did turn her over my knee, and spank her little bottom until she apologized.”
 She swallowed, almost choking on a large exhale, and leaned forward onto the box. “You…spanked her?”
 “Yes. For swearing and rolling her eyes at me, amongst other things,” he said.
 “Do you spank all the women you date?”
 “Only the ones I like.” He grinned. “I like you.”
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Thanks for reading!

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