Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Presenting: Rachel's Story, by the Delightful Kelly Dawson

Hello, my lovelies! This week I'm proud to showcase Rachel's Journey, By Kelly Dawson. First, I have for you a scene from the book, then later, there's every link you need to learn all about her, and how to buy her wonderful books! Read on and enjoy :)


James caught up with her in a few strides and picked her up around the waist, throwing her over his shoulder like a sack of spuds where he landed a solid swat to the seat of her jeans.
    “Owie!” she yelled, pummeling his back with both her fists. “Put me down!”
    “Be quiet,” James hissed, “unless you want everyone to see you getting spanked like this. Is that what you want?” He slapped her backside again, even harder than before, putting his whole body into the swing, as he continued walking to the ute.
    “Ow! You put me down!” Rachel snarled, but her voice was lower than before – she was mindful of the position she was in and she didn’t want to attract attention. Being surrounded by people wasn’t deterring James any, that much was obvious. He smacked her butt twice more before they got to the where the ute was parked, and when they were out of sight behind a neighboring horse float he started spanking her in earnest, holding her firmly in position over his shoulder and landing half a dozen blazing hard blows to the seat of her jeans. She pummeled his back with her fists again, but all that she succeeded in doing was making it worse for herself – James increased the strength behind the swats, landing another six viciously-hard blows. Then, with a super-hard wallop that made her shriek in pain, he set her on her feet, holding her firmly by the shoulders so she couldn’t get away.
    “What’s gotten into you?” he growled at her. “There was no call to act that way!”
    “So you don’t really love me then?” it was a rhetorical question; more of a statement really – at any rate, she didn’t expect an answer.
    “You like being spanked, don’t you?” James asked her incredulously.
    “No I most certainly do not!”
    James chuckled. “Yes I think you do. You’re wanting to prove whether or not I care about you, and you know that a spanking means I care. Admit it – you know I’m right.”
    “So what if you are? What’s wrong with wanting to know that you care?”
    James held her face in both his hands, brushed the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs, and kissed her full on the lips. “I care.” 

I'm sure you enjoyed this. Now learn a little more about the woman behind the words!

 Author Bio:  Kelly Dawson loves anything to do with horses, rodeos and cowboys, and loves to get lost in a good book - preferably a rural romance where a strong woman falls in love with a ruggedly-handsome, tough but gentle cowboy, and these are the types of characters who feature in the stories she writes. Only in Kelly’s books, the cowboys are even better because they spank!
She lives literally at the bottom of the world in the South Island of New Zealand, with her husband, four kids, a dog and a cat.

Author’s Note about Rachel’s Journey:  Rachel’s Journey is very close to my heart. Like Rachel, I too, have Tourette’s Syndrome. I have tried to portray what it is like to live with this neurological disorder, and while Tourette’s affects everyone differently so each person’s experience is unique, it is my personal experience, how Tourette’s affects me, that is told in Rachel’s Journey. In some ways, Rachel’s Journey is my biography, only fictionalised. Rachel’s circumstances are nothing like my own, but in all the ways that matter, Rachel is me.

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