Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Presenting: Maiden Claimed - by the Rosy-Cheeked, Ravyn Rayne

Okay, so tonight we have the second in the Palace Secrets series, 'Maiden Claimed', by Ravyn Rayne. This one will appeal to lovers of historical romantica, and just to wet your whistle, I'm going to share a little tidbit. But first, a giggle! Take a look at that picture - what do you see? Yes! It is - - a sword. I had to look twice myself - I thought our luscious hero might be jumping the gun a bit! Oh, my dirty mind!
And now - a bit from the book:
Waiting outside the bathhouse, a gentleman, with honey-golden hair and eyes as green as the blades of grass on a summer’s day, stops in front of me. He looks me over and smiles. His face is covered in scruff and dirt licks his skin. “I approve.”
There’s an arrogance surrounding this man, and I have the urge to silence him.
“You approve of what?” I ask and cross my arms defensively. My eyes narrow, unpleased.
“I approve of you joining me in the bathhouse. Though I admit you look pretty clean already. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” He reaches out to touch a strand of my blonde hair and I swat his fingers away and force his arm down to his side.
“You’ve lost your mind.” My grip on his wrist is forceful, showing him who’s boss.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he asks, glancing down at my hand still holding his wrist.
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