Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Not One, Not Two, But THREE - Cover Reveal! Spy Games - By Heather Hart

Yay, today I get to shout out my own books! Spy Games 1, Assassins, and 2, Stolen Love should be released later today, and my third in the series, Spy Games 3, A Swinging Christmas, is scheduled for release December 5.

What's it about? Kassie is a novice agent, who is tasked to investigate a spy selling secrets to an unknown enemy. Her job is to find out who that enemy is and to blow his cover. Though little is known about this secretive executive- they do know he's into the BDSM lifestyle - and so she poses as a submissive to get close to him. And if you want to know more than that - well, Book 1 - Assassins will be released for FREE - yes, FREE - no money at all! And if, like Kassie, you like what you see, feel free to purchase Books 2 and 3!  Links updating. Watch this space

Blushing: Spy Games 1: Assassins Click for Freeeeeeeeeeee!
                Spy Games 2: Stolen Love

Amazon: Spy Games 2: Stolen Love

That's it for now! Happy reading!



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