Thursday, November 5, 2015

Presenting: The Sapphire Sacrifice, by Ravyn Rayne!

What a beautiful cover! The artists at Blushing have done it again. And not without reason! I encourage you to glimpse into another of the worlds of the amazing, Ravyn Rayne. And to ooze you over the midweek hump towards a saucy weekend of wicked thoughts, here's a tasty little snippet.
After the genocide of anyone not a sapphire, a person with blue eyes, Aria had taken notice of eye color. They still couldn’t get past their differences, not a hundred or even a thousand years later. The world always seemed to be at war over something. Besides, she had never met another person with emerald eyes, and now four of them were attacking James and herself. What the hell was going on?
James kicked at the assailant, trying to gain distance between him and the man attacking them, slamming his fist into the assailant’s face. Blood oozed from the man’s nose. Who was he? What did he want with them?
One man grabbed Aria, pinning her arms back, keeping her from stopping the attack on James. Why were they doing this? She attempted to shake the man off her, but his grip tightened. “Let me go!” She stomped hard on the man’s toe and then used her elbow to attack his chest behind her. Breaking free, she headed for James, wanting to help him any way that she could.
James fought two men and Aria ran forward, slamming her knee into the groin of a third assailant.
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