Thursday, April 14, 2016

London Lady - Rocking It Thanks To You - Kindle Scout!

Five days into the voting and my new romantic suspense novel is sizzling hot! But it's all thanks to your support. But my 30 day campaign still has a long way to go.

Please click the following link. You get three votes - just make sure you use one of yours on mine!

And here's a little excerpt from the book, because really - I want you to nominate London Lady because it's a great book - not just because you love me!

Claire got off the bus at Bethnal Green and walked the short distance to Vallance Road. Her stomach gurgled, full of nervous acid. Every reluctant step took her closer to the most feared house in London.

What was she doing? Was she really that desperate? The short answer was, yes. She was desperate for a job and equally as desperate to get away from Uncle Frank. She buried that thought for now - it was not the time.

Maybe they weren't as bad as people said. Maybe she was getting excited over nothing. Or maybe she was just trying to fool herself so she didn't turn around and run away as fast as she could.

Here it was, Number 178. She stood for a moment on the pavement, looking up at the bleak facade. You wouldn't think it was anything special. But everyone knew it was. No children played football in the street and no cars parked within fifty yards of this house. No one would dare.

Her heart beat wildly against her ribcage. She clasped her own hand as if forbidding it to knock. But knock she must - that is, if she wanted to eat today. She'd already tried everywhere else. This daunting place was her last chance, and she knew it.


London Lady - Kindle Scout. Thank you guys!


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