Saturday, April 2, 2016

Presenting: Taking His Human Bride - by the Kinky Kelly Dawson

Taking His Human Bride – by Kelly Dawson

Wait! Is this another bit of naughtiness from the kinky Kelly Dawson? You bet your alien ass it is. And before you get yourself all hot and aroused... no wait. This is no time to give the plot away! Read on!

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Melissa felt like she was drowning. She felt like she was flailing around, trying to swim upstream through thick muddy water while the current kept dragging her backwards into this crazy abyss where nothing was as it should be. She was trying to make sense of everything she’d just been told, but it was crazy! How could this even be happening? Was the military seriously just going to save a select few, and themselves, and let everyone else die? And what kind of crazy notion was it that she got sent with two thousand other people to a far-off moon that may or may not be able to sustain life? What if she didn’t want to go? What if she wanted to remain instead, and risk dying, with those she loved? Surely this was a dream—a nightmare? There was no way it could be reality. It was just too bizarre!

She was oblivious to the room erupting into chaos around her; she didn’t notice as civilian after civilian was forcibly restrained by the accompanying military police. She couldn’t hear the angry shouts, the protests, the wailing of some of the women. She was numb, scarcely able to believe what was going on. This was crazy. Was this really how life as she knew it was going to end?

“Ma’am?” She felt a touch on her shoulder and the deep voice belonging to her escort sounded concerned. “Are you okay Ma’am?” he asked. “You’ve gone very pale. Are you going to faint? Would you like a glass of water?”

“Water?” Melissa sputtered at him incredulously. “The whole world has been turned on in its head and you offer me water? Are you mad?”
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