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Presenting: His Little Lapis - by the Raunchy Renee Rose!

All she ever wanted was a stern man to call Daddy...

Oh my sweet breeches! Renee Rose has done it again. The wildly successful Queen of Erotica is sharing a tantalizing peek at her new book, His Little Lapis. Part of the Red Petticoat Saloon series, check this out and fall in love!

Once a respectable young governess, Louise Small tumbled from society’s grace after her employer forced himself on her. She wound up at The Red Petticoat playing Little Lapis Lazuli, a submissive who dresses like a girl and offers her bottom up for frequent spankings.

 She enjoys her new identity, so far removed from the prim governess she’d been, but she longs for a real daddy—one who is kind and caring, yet willing to administer real discipline. When she spies Culpepper Cove's Mayor interacting with his young niece, she knows he's just the sort of man she wants. But his disdain for her and her profession put them in conflict.

Letting go of her little self, she reverts to the proper, fine-mannered governess to win his attention. But at what cost? Her little side squashed, she must give up hope of being taken in hand. Will being the Mayor's wife be enough?

The Red Petticoat is not just another whorehouse. This is a place for every painted lady to get her happy ending. Madame Jewel and her 'gems' welcome hardworking men to come inside for a home-cooked meal or a few hands of cards. They are invited to listen to a pretty girl sing or watch a show. If a bit of intimate comfort is desired, they are welcome to go upstairs and into the arms of one of the beautiful women wearing the red petticoats. However, refer to its gems as whores and you'll find yourself tossed out into the street.


The floorboards creaked and she peeked out, looking shy.

God, he loved it when she looked that way. She carried the lamp and it cast a warm glow to her lovely face, her eyes bright and blue against the long dark lashes and pale skin.

He still sat at the table, his feet propped on another chair. “Take off your clothes.”

Her eyes widened and darted back toward the bedroom. Color suffused her cheeks. He loved that despite her most recent profession, she still blushed, still retained an innocence. Of course, even as a gem, she’d had that—she had been Little Lapis, after all.

Her fingers fumbled with the row of little buttons down the front of her dress. He sat and watched, enjoying the show. His cock lengthened, straining at the mere memory of her naked. The dark blue dress dropped to the floor, pooling around her feet. She tugged the laces of her corset and let it fall next, then the petticoats and chemise until she stood before him, blushing and completely naked. Her peach-tipped nipples stood erect, moisture glistened on her inner thigh. She pulled out the pins and her blonde waves cascaded across her slender shoulders.

She was exquisite.

He twirled his finger in the air. “Turn around.”

“Will.” He liked the sound of his first name on her tongue—the breathy quality of her voice making it sound like a word uttered during love-making.

“You heard me.”


USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Historical, Best Erotic, Best Ageplay and favorite author. She's hit #1 on Amazon in the Erotic Paranormal and Sci-fi categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon's Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.


For a free copy of her BDSM Menage Theirs to Punish, visit:

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Presenting: The Nanny - by the Alluring Authors, Allison West and Alta Hensley

The Nanny

Authors: Allison West and Alta Hensley

Publisher: Blushing Books

Genre: Age-Play, Victorian, BDSM


The taboo
The secret
The discipline
The Nanny…finally, her story.

When street urchin Georgiana Hayes meets a mysterious gentleman who offers her a warm meal and a chance to get warm again, she cannot resist.

The man who has rescued her from the cold is, in fact, Mr. Philip Hartley; the headmaster of the Ashby Chateau – a finishing school, and a place where young ladies can learn to submit and rediscover their inner ‘little’ selves. He is looking for a new nanny, and is quick to offer the position to Georgiana.

Georgiana accepts gratefully, and she instantly becomes The Nanny.

Unfortunately, she soon realizes that she is not really cut out for the role of disciplinarian. If anything, she finds herself beginning to envy the girls under her care, and wishes that she, too, could experience what it would be like to be little; to be cherished, cared for, and loved.

Theodore Elliott, a well-established businessman, is seeking a wife, and has craved the special love and affection of a ‘little’ for as long as he can remember. The moment he sets eyes on Nanny Giana, he knows without a doubt that she is the one he has been searching for. No other little at the school can compare to the dark-haired beauty.

Can Theo convince the headmaster to allow Giana to resign from her position as governess and enroll in the Ashby Chateau as a little? More importantly, is Giana willing to take that step for a man she barely knows but is intrigued by? Can she surrender herself physically, emotionally and sexually in order to become what Theo desires above all else: his little Gia?

From the authors of the best-selling ‘Enrolling Little Etta’, this next book in the Ashby Chateau series also contains elements of age-play, anal play, spanking, and graphic sex. While The Nanny does feature some characters and settings from Enrolling Little Etta, it should be noted that it can be read as a standalone.


"If you choose to select a little from the chateau, then there will be certain requirements to ensure a healthy relationship. We do not allow overnight visits, under any circumstances. Our girls must keep their virtue intact, just in case the deal should fall through, or should something happen to a papa before graduation."

"Yes, of course," Theo said, nodding quickly. It all sounded so wonderful and easy to agree with.

"There are specific visiting hours. The nanny who works with your little one can inform you of what they are, since occasionally schedules change for each young woman. You may visit your little one in the playroom, but you are forbidden from seeking entrance into the nursery unless given direct permission. When littles receive rewards for good behavior, occasionally we allow cuddle time with their papas, or other intimate play that does not threaten their purity. Many of our littles do enjoy pleasing their papas. But nothing is ever against her will... well, except proper discipline, that is. Do you understand?"

"I believe so." Theo's heart raced at the mere thought of a woman's lips upon his cock. It took every ounce of restraint not to indulge himself in such a fantasy at that very moment, knowing he needed to be respectful toward Mr. Hartley.

"Given Francis's connection with our institute, and because of how you completed your application, I see no reason whatsoever why you would not be able to choose a little, should you have the necessary funds, and she not already be promised to another. At the moment, I have two girls who are not promised yet; Mollie and Teresa. If you are ready, I will let you have a look at both of them."




Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Science Fiction, Victorian, Historical, and BDSM Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.

Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog “Spanking Author.”

Alta Hensley is a #1 Amazon best-selling erotic romance author who has had top-selling books in erotic science fiction, humor, BDSM and historical. She writes the naughty... and then the cure for it.

Being a multi-published author in the Domestic Discipline genre, Alta is known for her alpha heroes, sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

You can find out more about Alta on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. You can also contact her at

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Kindle Scout - Days 1 to 8 - My London Lady Day 8 of 30


For those of you who have never heard of Kindle Scout, it's an Amazon program that's something of a hybrid between traditional and self-publishing. They are looking for never before published works - and readers get the chance to nominate the books they want to read. Successful authors are offered publishing contracts with Amazon.

It's great for readers because not only do they get to vote for the books they want - but they get a FREE copy of the books they've nominated if the author gets a contract.  But it's great for authors too - because if they're successful they receive a $1,500 advance and editing assistance from Amazon.

There's more - but for full details visit their How It Works page on the Kindle Scout web page.

So - I got my Scout acceptance e-mail for London Lady on April 7 and by April 9 my campaign was launched - they don't mess around!

I jumped straight on Facebook and sent messages to all my friends (both personal and business accounts.) I found it was much better to kiss-the-baby approach - that is, to PM everyone personally rather than just post a link -which hardly anyone ever responds to. I would say 75% of the people I asked went off to the site. I have to take on faith that they nominated me - the Scout campaign page only shares page views- not nomination totals.

Once I exhausted that supply of personal friends I turned to more general sources of social media and shared links on as many Facebook groups as I could find. I've also talked to some of the other campaigners - and we've exchanged experiences which is proving such a wonderful part of the process.

Primary nomination sources in my first week:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Kboards
  • Absolutewrite
  • Dirty Discourse
I was on the Hot and Trending list for almost all of week one.

Now on day 8 a host of new books have arrived and I've slipped out of the H & T list. I'm not fazed. Amazon promotes the new entrants hard and they are in peak campaign mode. But there are 30 campaign days in total and I'm in this for the long haul.

Next week - Pinterest, more direct campaigning, and a hell-ova-lot of research into how to promote your book without boring the pants off potential voters.

Writers who are considering the program might like to join me on this journey. For now, wish me luck and if you like my sample on the site, please nominate me!

Thanks for reading,
Author Bio:

Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.
When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

Friday, April 15, 2016


Never heard of Kindle Scout?  Well it's a platform that helps you, the reader, choose the books that you want to see for sale on Amazon. The books listed on the site are pre-publication and are being offered exclusively to Amazon readers.

So then, why nominate my book, London Lady?

  • Because it's a fast action, helluva-ride book bursting with drama, passion, and intrigue that rockets you back to a time where violence ruled the streets of London.

  • Because Kindle Scout is an amazing program that champions up-and-coming authors and gives them a platform to showcase their lovely words. And you get to be the one who discovers them! POWER POWER POWER!!!

  • Because when you vote for London Lady you get it for absolutely FREE! That's right - FREE! In the words of the mighty Scouters: "As a thank you from us and the authors you support, you will receive an early, free copy of all the Kindle Scout books you nominated that are published. Continue to champion the books and authors you helped bring to life by leaving reviews and sharing with friends. "

  • Because I'll know you like my work and will continue to write more and more for you! So - check out my book on the site, read the excerpt and if you like what you see, then click nominate, and you're done!

Voting on London Lady is open between April 9 to May 8, 2016.

Thank you for reading,


Author Bio:
Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.
When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

London Lady - Rocking It Thanks To You - Kindle Scout!

Five days into the voting and my new romantic suspense novel is sizzling hot! But it's all thanks to your support. But my 30 day campaign still has a long way to go.

Please click the following link. You get three votes - just make sure you use one of yours on mine!

And here's a little excerpt from the book, because really - I want you to nominate London Lady because it's a great book - not just because you love me!

Claire got off the bus at Bethnal Green and walked the short distance to Vallance Road. Her stomach gurgled, full of nervous acid. Every reluctant step took her closer to the most feared house in London.

What was she doing? Was she really that desperate? The short answer was, yes. She was desperate for a job and equally as desperate to get away from Uncle Frank. She buried that thought for now - it was not the time.

Maybe they weren't as bad as people said. Maybe she was getting excited over nothing. Or maybe she was just trying to fool herself so she didn't turn around and run away as fast as she could.

Here it was, Number 178. She stood for a moment on the pavement, looking up at the bleak facade. You wouldn't think it was anything special. But everyone knew it was. No children played football in the street and no cars parked within fifty yards of this house. No one would dare.

Her heart beat wildly against her ribcage. She clasped her own hand as if forbidding it to knock. But knock she must - that is, if she wanted to eat today. She'd already tried everywhere else. This daunting place was her last chance, and she knew it.


London Lady - Kindle Scout. Thank you guys!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Presenting: A Cowboy's Pleasure, by Anita Philmar

Wow! Do I have a book of the naughty for you tonight!
Having traveled across the country to escape the war between the states, John Bristol Smith needs a job, any job.
Told of a potential job, he arrives at the interview with high expectation. Nothing, however, in his life prepared him for the nature of this assignment. Tess Van Pelt wants excitement and she means to have it.
Her husband is more than willing to pay for whatever she wants and she wants John.
Is this a job or a fantasy?
And now a bit from the book!
“Then tell him straight out what you’re after.” Gab carried the tray over to the table in front of the couch where his wife sat. He handed her a glass then walked the other drink to John.
“Shouldn’t we, at least, give him a little background on us first?” She queried.
After taking the glass, John stepped to a wingback chair and perched on the edge. “I’m sure whatever type of job you’re offering, I’ll be more than willing to work for you.”
Gab chuckled, “You’re right. Most men would, but this requires you not discuss anything that happens within these walls with anyone.”
“Can you do that, John?” Mrs. Van Pelt sipped her drink and her eyes undress him.
Uncomfortable with her probing inspection, he glanced at her husband. “I have no one to tell. Remember, I’m new in town.”
“Yes, you are a God sent. Tess, here, is getting a little restless. She’s used to getting what she wants right away. And well, I’m afraid I’ve kept her waiting too long.” Gab turned to his wife and smiled. “I must admit, now that you are here, I believe the plan has more merit than I previously gave it.”
“See, I told you. It’ll be just like old times.” Tess patted the spot next to her on the couch and her husband sat beside her.
Sorting through every possible job he could envision, John struggled to come up with the task they wanted to achieve. Mrs. Van Pelt seemed excited by the possibility of him working with them. So perhaps, they liked him and would want him to hire on for a few months, maybe even longer.
“Then I guess we better see if John is open to the idea of making love to you,” Gab said and lifted his glass. “So what do you say?”
Barnes & Noble
Anita Philmar likes to create stories that push the limit. A writer by day and a dreamer by night she wants her readers to see the world in a new way.
Influenced by sci-fi programs, she likes to develop places where anything can happen and where erotic moments come to life in a great read.
Naughty or Nice?
Read her books and decide.
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London Lady, by Heather Hart. Please Nominate Me - Kindle Scout Campaign #Romance #asmsg

Hello readers,

I'm presenting something entirely new tonight. I'm running a campaign on Kindle Scout for my new romantic suspense, London Lady.  To be successful on the program I need your help.

Please follow the following link and click nominate - I promise you'll only feel a little click - it won't hurt a bit!

No purchase necessary - just looking for some author/reader love!

Oh, and here's a taste of what you're voting for:

Their first kiss could be her last  
Desperate for work Claire Fisher becomes a hostess at London’s infamous Double R Club. It’s the height of the swinging sixties and actors and starlets flock in their masses to rub along with the sharp-dressed gangsters who run it. Despite her best efforts not to, she’s falls for the boss’s right-hand man, Bill ‘Lucky’ Underwood. When he gets mixed up in a suspicious shooting Claire tries to rescue him, only to incur the wrath of the two most brutal gangsters who ever lived.
If you're interested in learning more about the program for your own work - check it out here!

Thank you all!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Presenting: Cassie Corralled - by P K Corey (with author interview)

Tonight on my author's couch I have the lovely P K Corey, here to tell us about her novel, Cassie Corralled. Before we get into her personal story, here's a little overview of her book.

Cassie is still living life to the fullest, telling Allie stories about everything from long ago shooting incidents to playing laser tag with the children. Tom keeps an amused, yet watchful eye, on his lovely wife. He tries to be tolerant of Cassie’s fun loving ways, but when she decides to spend the day with people she met through the Internet, without letting him or the girls know of her plans, Tom sees red. Tired of Cassie constantly putting herself in possible danger Tom decides to hire her a driver. Cassie immediately sees this plan for what it really is; Tom wants to hire a bodyguard / watchdog / babysitter for Cassie. That’s something Cassie won’t tolerate and after quickly packing a bag, she’s gone with a roar of the engine and a squeal of the tires. In this case Cassie is determine to have her way – and so is Tom, the final decision may change life on the river forever.
If you like what you're seeing, you can get the full story at any one of the following book stores:

And now let's meet the lady herself. Tell us a bit about you, PK.
I’m a small town southern writer, happily married to my best friend for thirty-two years now. 
Any kiddies?
We have two grown children and we're learning to love the empty nest. Next year will see the end of a long and satisfying teaching career and I'm anxious to spend more time writing. 
What made you want to be a writer?
I didn't grow up with the desire to be a writer, but I did love to daydream. As a child, I spent most of my spare time, and quite a bit of time when I should have been doing schoolwork, either reading or making up stories. I was actual quite young when Cassie wandered into my head and began telling me her story. I've always been drawn to spanking stories, but I need a true love story with it. That's how I see Cassie and Tom - a true love story with spanking thrown in.
Awesome! Well we loved hearing from you. I hope your bum didn't get too sore on my couch! Best of luck with your book! 
You can find more about Corey at the following locations:
PK Corey on Facebook
Thanks for reading,

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Presenting: Taking His Human Bride - by the Kinky Kelly Dawson

Taking His Human Bride – by Kelly Dawson

Wait! Is this another bit of naughtiness from the kinky Kelly Dawson? You bet your alien ass it is. And before you get yourself all hot and aroused... no wait. This is no time to give the plot away! Read on!

Buy Taking His Human Bride here: Amazon


Melissa felt like she was drowning. She felt like she was flailing around, trying to swim upstream through thick muddy water while the current kept dragging her backwards into this crazy abyss where nothing was as it should be. She was trying to make sense of everything she’d just been told, but it was crazy! How could this even be happening? Was the military seriously just going to save a select few, and themselves, and let everyone else die? And what kind of crazy notion was it that she got sent with two thousand other people to a far-off moon that may or may not be able to sustain life? What if she didn’t want to go? What if she wanted to remain instead, and risk dying, with those she loved? Surely this was a dream—a nightmare? There was no way it could be reality. It was just too bizarre!

She was oblivious to the room erupting into chaos around her; she didn’t notice as civilian after civilian was forcibly restrained by the accompanying military police. She couldn’t hear the angry shouts, the protests, the wailing of some of the women. She was numb, scarcely able to believe what was going on. This was crazy. Was this really how life as she knew it was going to end?

“Ma’am?” She felt a touch on her shoulder and the deep voice belonging to her escort sounded concerned. “Are you okay Ma’am?” he asked. “You’ve gone very pale. Are you going to faint? Would you like a glass of water?”

“Water?” Melissa sputtered at him incredulously. “The whole world has been turned on in its head and you offer me water? Are you mad?”
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