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Presenting: Blessed Beginnings, by the Magical Maggie Ryan @BlushingMaggie

Tonight I have for you the fourth book of the bestselling Hunter's Ridge series. In it Lucy and Louisa continue to blossom under the stern but loving guidance of Lucas and Edward, every day being another step along the paths they have chosen.

Their days are filled with skating, sleigh rides and racing across the snow covered fields. Courting abounds, and preparations are made to attend the Grand Ball. Will love and trust be enough to hold the family together when a night of enchantment turns into a nightmare, threatening to tear the family apart?
Here's a tasty morsel directly from the book:
"Shh, Lucy. Close your eyes and just feel." It was an instruction she could obey without question. Every stroke of his tongue, every caress of his lips had her sinking deeper into the pleasure. When the tip of his tongue began to lap softly across her clitty, circling the engorged bud, she moaned again, fingers curling into the fur. It was the softest touch and yet ignited every nerve ending in her body and when she came, it was to ride wave upon wave of blissful pleasure, her body quivering long after her husband had given her his final kiss. He picked her up, cradling her to his chest and placed a kiss on her forehead before tucking her into bed. Lucy wanted to thank him, wanted to love him as well, but before he joined her, she was sound asleep.

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Author Bio - Maggie Ryan

Author for Blushing Books.  I write both contemporary erotica and historical spanking romances.  I enjoy writing about characters that enjoy the provocative D/S lifestyle of today’s times as well as taking a step back into the past to write stories that take place in the Victorian era with age-play as a theme. 

I live in the great Lone Star state with my wonderful husband.  I have always loved reading.  Growing up in a family with four children, it was difficult finding a place to be alone.  I was probably one of the squeakiest clean girls on the planet as I would spend hours in the tub so I could read without being bothered.  It wasn’t long before I began to make up my own endings to the books I was reading.  From there, it just seemed natural to begin writing my own stories.

I never try to restrict myself to any one genre because there are just too many delicious possibilities out there and inside my head.  I admit to being somewhat of a romantic though as my stories always must have a great deal of love, passion, corporal discipline and, of course, great, mind-blowing sex.  I want my readers to be able to see, hear, feel and know the characters that I’m creating as well as I do when I bring them to life and transfer their stories to paper.  I want my women to be strong of character but also strong enough to know that submission given in love and trust to your partner does not make you weaker, it makes you far stronger.    I want my men to be sexy, strong, demanding alpha males who know how to take what they want while acknowledging it is a gift they have been blessed with by the women that have chosen to submit to them.  I want there to be no doubt that they truly would die for the other no matter how others might view their relationship.


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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

An Interview With Jessica Brand, Author of Laura's Longing

A few weeks ago I shared with you some delectable snippets out of Laura's Longing, a work of erotic fiction by Jessica Brand. But tonight I can go one better, for I have the lovely lady here on my couch!

So Jessica, how did you become a writer? I have harbored an urge to be a writer for many years, figuring I could write as well as many published authors but never having the wherewithal to actually see a story through to completion. When I finally did, I found that people actually liked it and I have continued ever since. That's pretty cool! I know a lot of aspiring authors in the same boat.  I think its great when they hear professional writers go through more or less the same hurdles when they start out.  
So how many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction? I now have six published books under two pseudonyms – Jessica Brand and R. R. Greaves. They all have elements of spanking in them but they tend to be more into BDSM, power and control and are quite explicit.
That leads me nicely into my next question. The BDSM world is certainly center stage at the moment. Are you okay in your kink or do you ever feel uncomfortable sharing? I embrace my kink. After keeping it repressed for many years, I realized that you only live once. Just about everyone has fantasies and many of them are about things we would not normally share with family and friends. What goes on between two consenting adults is nobody else’s business and hence the biggest decision should revolve around whether one wants to act out their fantasy or whether they want to keep it in their mind. Once that decision has been made, it’s easy.  I couldn't agree more!
So if it's not too indelicate a question, where do you find inspiration for your stories? When you write, do you ever model any characters after actual people? My inspiration comes from my own fantasies and experiences then I weave them into a story that, hopefully people can relate to. I want people to read my stories and be able to imagine themselves in the thick of the action – either as the dominant character or as the submissive. Some but not all of my characters are modelled on real people I’ve met and played with.
Well thank you, Jessica! We've enjoyed "having you" on my couch and best wishes for your book, Laura's Longing!

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Author Bio:

Jessica Brand is a pseudonym for a writer based in Sydney, Australia. She has a number of books published under different pen names, all of them containing elements of BDSM, power and control. Much of what she writes about comes from her experience over many years, both as a Dominant and as a submissive and as her stories unfold you will find yourself "living" the scene. 

If power and sexual control are not your thing, it might be better to seek your reading enjoyment elsewhere. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather Hart

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hold Fast - New Release By @HeatherHartxxx #Romance #ASMSG

"Forever is a lot to promise, even for a MacLeod."

I am delighted to present my own book, Hold Fast - newly released by Blushing Books. If you like a Highland fling, this is the book for you. Here's the overview:

Bonnie MacDonald lives on the wild and beautiful Scottish Isle of Skye. Her life is peaceful enough, apart from the ever-simmering feud between the McDonalds and the McLeods, who live to the north of them. But now her father is going to die, and it is not to be a Highlander's glorious death in battle, but an underhanded assault in the dark by a traitorous servant. That same treacherous fiend had once come after Bonnie, but at the last moment she was rescued from violation and murder by the one man she cannot show gratitude to, the son of her family’s sworn enemy, Rory Mòr MacLeod.
And yet she falls in love with her rescuer, and he with her, and there never were two more star-crossed lovers. Neither family will readily accept a union between them, but Rory does not give up on making her his own, though Bonnie often misconstrues his intentions. Matters are further complicated when they discover that Bonnie’s guardian harbors a secret passion for his beautiful young ward, and soon claims her for himself.

But everyone’s plans are foiled when another suitor for her hand kidnaps and whisks Bonnie away to a lonely house in the north of Skye. Her only chance is to flee her captor and seek sanctuary in Rory’s castle at Dunvegan. But while Bonnie fights for her own survival, the battling clansmen bring their families to the brink of war, and all for the love of the same woman.

Hold Fast is a historical romantic suspense novel; it is also a sweet romance with no illicit sexual liaisons. The story is based loosely on real events leading to the Battle of Coire Na Creiche, also known as the Wars of the One-Eyed Woman, fought on the Isle of Skye in 1601.


Purchase Links:

·         Blushing Books

·         Amazon

Okay, and now to tease you with the opening lines:

It wasn't that I disliked Rory Mòr MacLeod. What I felt was more akin to pure hatred. I watched as the boy my cousins and I had all called the wee terror of the glen skipped along the banks of the Sound of Sleat as if he owned them. My stomach turned. My father warned me not to mess with the MacLeod scum, and I knew his warning was not without cause. Rory was the favorite son of his father, and the MacLeod clan had been warring with my family forever. What's more, I had cause of my own, for the spoiled brat liked nothing better than to tear my skirts and pull at my braids.

He scampered along, driving an ancient, scrawny cow ahead of him. Rory held his head high, like a strutting peacock, all the while urging the decrepit beast on from the lush green pasture located a short distance from the shore. I had no time to spare for the black-haired, black-fingered, ill-mannered ruffian that he was, so I turned away, pretending I hadn't seen him, and carried on with my work.

"I see you, Bonnie MacDonald. 'Tis a fine day, is it not?"

"Aye, it was, before you came along, Rory Mòr MacLeod."

He paused, a cocky grin spread across his young face, and he leaned upon his staff and looked down at me. "Now that's no way for a lass to talk to a Highland clansman."

"Away with you, you gormless fool." I looked at the poor beast at his side, noting the sharp contours of her bony ribs. "I see that your betters have entrusted you with the pick of the MacLeod crop. It would be better to put that poor animal out of her misery, would it not? What are you thinking, driving such a wretched thing this far south and in this heat? 'Tis a wonder she doesn't die of old age before she makes it home."

He shrugged and watched as I continued to wash the wool in the sea. I kept my head down, hoping he would go away, afraid he would set on me as he had so often done before and make me cry. His silence made me uncomfortable.

Author Bio:

Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.


When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

Enjoy me, and if you do - please be kind and leave a review where you bought me! It helps, it really does :)
All the best,


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Presenting: Fire Licked - By the Awesome Allison West #Erotica

This one needs no introduction from me - for as Allison says herself:
..Who doesn’t love a sexy, dominant fireman?
After a tough breakup, Lexa Mae decides she needs a change. From the southern plains of South Dakota to the Big Apple, Lexa books a hotel room and spa package at the prestigious Sterling Hotel in Times Square.
Looking forward to a relaxing getaway, Lexa’s fun is spoiled the moment handsome fireman Jules Sinclair knocks on her door, ordering an evacuation. Wearing nothing but a towel, she slams the door in his face, unwilling to leave just yet.
Forced from the hotel as an explosion rocks the seventh floor, Lexa has managed to secure her dress but no panties as the handsome fireman Jules rescues her from the burning flames. With no friends in the city and her belongings destroyed, she has nowhere else to go.
Jules invites Lexa to the fire station, offering her clothes, shelter, and even a hard spanking for dismissing his order to evacuate.
Will she learn to submit to Jules or is the heat just too much?
A loud knocking pounded at the door. “NY Fire Department!” A voice shouted as he knocked on her door.
“Shit!” She shut the shower off and grabbed a white towel, wrapping it around her torso. Lexa walked to the door, poking her head out.
A man, dressed in a NYFD outfit stood with his helmet on. “Ma’am, you need to evacuate the building.”
“What? Why?” Lexa asked, cinching the towel to her chest.
His blue eyes were captivating. His New York accent entrancing.
“Can’t say. We’ve been ordered to evacuate the entire premises.”
“That’s absurd!” Lexa huffed. “Let me get my clothes on.” She didn’t give him time to object. She slammed the door in his face, dropped her towel, and stalked back to the bathroom to get her dress back on.
From inside the bathroom, she pulled the little black dress on over her head, reaching for her panties when the ground rumbled as an explosion rocked the seventh floor of the hotel, drowning the entire floor in flames and smoke, and tossing her against the wall.

About the Author
Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. Allison also writes stories under the names Ruth Silver and Ravyn Rayne.
Allison West: Spanking Author | Facebook | Twitter
Ravyn Rayne: Website | Facebook | Twitter
Ruth Silver (YA Books): Write Away Bliss | Facebook | Twitter

And there we have it! Another slice of deliciousness designed to stoke your fires! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Presenting: Missy Meets the Marshall, by Amelia Smarts #erotica

Today I am proud to present Missy Meets The Marshall, by Amelia Smarts. It's the story of Elizabeth Matthews, who after escaping her cruel husband and the clutches of the law, finds them both in hot pursuit of her. Amelia has a lovely writing style, there's lots of putting the heroine over the knee, and an emotionally charged plot you will love. Marshal Grover Huntley is the strong, Alpha male - and well, here's a bit from the book to whet your whistle!


Beth dried herself with a soft towel. She felt Grover’s gaze raking her body from the other side of the room. She felt warm all over, yet she shivered with anticipation and desire. She felt sure that he would have his way with her, and she hoped that he would. She wanted to feel his touch again. She already missed it. Finished drying, she wrapped the towel around her and met his eyes.

“Come here, Missy.”

She padded to him, her bare feet leaving small, damp tracks across the hardwood floor. He opened his legs slightly and guided her to stand between his knees. “I think you’re beautiful, you know.” He ran the back of his hand down the side of her face. “I should’ve said that before, but I’m not used to having a woman here with me. I find myself a bit balled up by it, truth be told.”

He settled his hands on her hips. “Now, darlin’, I told you about me. I expect the same in return. I’m fond of you already, if you can’t tell, and I want to help you. But I can’t do that if you’re not honest with me.”

Beth stared at him, awed over him saying she was beautiful and calling her darling and confessing he was fond of her. She wondered if maybe he liked her in particular, more than he liked other women. She mentally shook herself. She couldn’t allow herself such vain luxuries. She considered his words about being honest with him and determined she couldn’t do that either. She eyed the front door, feeling about as far away from it as the ocean.

“No, darlin’. Look at me, nowhere else.” His tone remained gentle, but some of the sternness returned. She felt her butterflies return with it. She wanted to obey him. She wanted to be honest with him, but she had no way to know how he would react to hearing her story. She had to think of Lou and how best to protect her. Lou wouldn’t fare well if her mother was ditched and left to rot in prison.

Beth looked him in the eyes and said with as much grit as she could muster, “I have been honest with you, Grover.”

“No, Missy. You haven’t.” His face darkened into a frown, and his next words were spoken with all the sternness she'd heard in his tone before. “Tell me the truth about you. This is your last chance before I teach you a lesson about lying.”

She shifted her weight to one foot and looked down. “I’ve told you most everything important already. My name is Beth Jones. I’m a poor woman with no kin except for my daughter. My husband was killed last year, and ever since I’ve been struggling to make it on my own.”

About half of that was true, and she hoped it would satisfy the marshal. It didn’t. Before Beth knew what was happening, she found herself stripped of the towel and lying naked across his hard thighs, positioned for a spanking. She gasped when she understood his intent.

With one hand he held her body against his. His other hand smacked her bare bottom, her skin still soft and damp from the bath. The swat sent a resounding crack into the air, and the force of it took her breath away. She wasn’t able to recover her breath before he landed another. And another. He spanked her ten times before he stopped. She panted when she was finally able to breathe.

“What’s your name again, Missy? The truth this time.”

Author Bio

I’m an avid reader and writer of spanking romance novels, usually involving a cowboy, always involving a firm hand and a scorched ass. If you were to peek inside my Kindle, you’d find plenty of spanking romances as well as books by John Steinbeck, Margaret Atwood, Gillian Flynn, and other authors from disparate genres. What all of my favorite stories share are complex characters who draw me into their struggles and successes.

If you’d like to talk books with me, please connect via email, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Thanks for reading!

Visit my blog:
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Do You Want It? Cover Reveal: Hold Fast by Heather Hart #Romance #ASMSG #BlushingBooks

Whispers: Do you want it?
I know you do.
And if you do, I will tell you how to get it.
Hush - just between us....
I am not afraid, are you?

Coming to you via Amazon on 1/14/16.
A new Highland Adventure with a heroine as bonny as can be.
Come and see me then.
And I will show you,
Where it is.

Just for now. Hold Fast.

Love as always,


Author Bio

Heather Hart is a British author who lives with her family in Maryland. She’s a writer of hot erotic and romantic fiction – an eclectic mix of innocence and dirt in a hyperactive imagination.

When she’s not frantically scribbling away she’s a cat worshipper and curry fanatic. If you like what she writes, please feel free to drop her a line at authorheatherhart@gmail[dot]com.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Presenting: The Don's Daughter, by the Raunchy Renee Rose!

Today I am proud to present a new naughty splice of life from the fierce imagination of Renee Rose.  As always, Renee's work is raunchy, witty and in a style all of her own. And that cover art! Wow! Enjoy.

BUY NOW ON Amazon | ARe | Kobo | Barnes & Noble
Giving control of her body to Carlo Romano, underboss to her father, was dangerous. More dangerous than her hair-brained idea to take off her clothes at a strip club as a form of sex therapy. But the temptation outweighed the risk. Carlo made her feel sexy, alive and appealing, feelings she’d scarcely known after two years with her cheating and demoralizing ex-boyfriend.

Carlo couldn’t believe Summer — the don’s daughter — was dancing half-naked on the stage of a strip club. Nor could he believe she suggested he’d be the one to take a belt to her ass and set her straight. But he’d had a thing for Summer since the day he moved in with her family, fresh off a plane from Sicily. He couldn’t walk away from the opportunity to get up-close and intimate, and show her his dominant side.
Still, Summer may not be ready for a new relationship, and even if she is, there was the not-so-small matter of what her parents would say — her father would probably want to kill Carlo if he found out he’d seen her naked...

Excerpt (R rated)
He found her lingering in the hall. She must’ve known he’d follow. He grabbed her elbow and steered her into the laundry room and shut the door.
In a flash, he had her pinned against the wall, her wrists pressed over her head, his fingers pinching one of her nipples through her thin cotton t-shirt. Thrusting one leg between her thighs, he leaned down and hissed in her ear, “Do you know what happens to little girls who tease?”
She writhed under him at the pain. “What?”
He yanked her skirt up to her waist and used his foot to shove her feet apart. Bringing the palm of his hand smartly up between her legs, he said, “That’s not the way you answer me.”
Her cheeks had flushed, eyes dilated and glassy.
He slapped her pussy again. The gusset of her panties were already damp.
“No, sir,” she yelped.
He slipped his fingers inside her panties and found her clit.
She gasped, bucking against him.
Another slap between her legs. His teeth nipped her shoulder. “They get their pussies spanked. Hard.”
She arched into him, lifting her breasts to his face. Her pussy opened to his fingers and he shoved two inside, sawing in and out. He pinched her hardened clit and covered her mouth with his hand as she cried out.
“You may not come.” He yanked her panties down to her ankles and made her step out of them.
“What happens if I do?” she gasped.
“You’ll be punished.” Shoving the wad of lace and silk in her mouth, he slapped open her thighs and spanked her clit.
She moaned and panted as he slapped her juicy folds again and again. When her cries grew more desperate, he stopped and released her wrists and stepped back.
“You do not have permission to touch yourself on the way home.” Her face clouded as she realized he wasn’t going to get her off. “Now get in your car and drive straight there. I want to find you naked, on your knees in the corner when I get back or you’ll be in even more trouble than you already are. Got it?” He plucked the panties out of her mouth and tucked them in his pocket.
Her eyes followed them with a pleading look.
He shook his head. “No panties for you. And no touching. I need to hear a yes, sir.
Her throat worked as she swallowed. She shoved her skirt down and straightened her shirt, looking thoroughly chastised. “Yes, sir.”
He snatched her up with an arm around her waist and yanked her body into his. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll be sore for a week.”
Her arms came around his neck and she lifted those sweet berry lips for a kiss, lust still swirling in her eyes.
He nipped her lips instead. “Bad girls don’t get kissed. They get fucked. Hard.” He slapped her ass. “Now get home and prepare yourself for me.”

About Renee Rose
Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes romance novels centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She has won The Romance Reviews and Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Historical Romance, is often found on the list of Amazon's Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

Social Media Links:

Oooh! I don't know about you but I'm all a-fluster! Trust Renee to bring a blush to my cheeks - or is it the erythromycin! Anyways, thanks for stopping by!