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Interview with Kallista Dane - His to Command

Hi Kallista;
Tell us a little bit about your new book!

My new book is an erotic Sci-fi adventure.  There’s a strong heroine on a secret mission to a distant planet, an Alpha warrior determined to master her, lots of spanking and some very naughty anal play!  
Has your writing changed and evolved over time?

My first book was published exactly two years ago.  His To Command is number fourteen and I’m on the very last chapter of my next one already.  I’d say the biggest change in what I write is in the way my characters develop.  I’m a lot more relaxed with them now, trusting that they will grow and change as the story builds.

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

I love doing research when I write, even though 95% of what I learn never makes it into my books.  In Captured and Examined, I had to find out enough about quantum physics to create a plausible explanation for how my heroine traveled through time.  For His To Command, I researched “Goldilocks planets.”  That’s what astrophysicists call distant planets that aren’t too hot or too cold.  Like Neodyma in my book, they might be “just right” for life to exist.

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
I was a guest at a ceremonial dinner in China and one of the dishes they brought us was a platter of roasted birds. They were tiny little things, like sparrows, all laid out in a row with their beaks and their little feet sticking straight up in the air and their wings folded over their breasts.  I took one to be polite but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it!

What is your favorite movie?

I’ve gotta say Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.  The song in it “Unchained Melody” is our song and even after all these years, my husband gets up and dances to it with me.  The movie is funny and sad and suspenseful all at once.  I still cry every time I watch it!

What specific thing have you done that impressed yourself?

I grew up uncoordinated and lousy at sports.  So for me my biggest accomplishment was skiing China Bowl in Vail, a black diamond run, after I learned to ski in my 30’s.  It was exhilarating!

And now for an except from the book - His to Command

The young woman carried a pitcher and bowl and a large basket covered with a black cloth.  She spoke softly without making eye contact.
“It is time to prepare you for your punishment.”
“I am called AJ.  What is your name?”
If she was to successfully penetrate the young woman’s mind, AJ needed to create
a bond with her.  “Surely you have some name other than that,” she replied, her voice gentle.
    The young woman glanced around the room nervously.  “Once…once this Harlot was known as Dianna.”
    AJ perched gingerly on the edge of one of the hard wooden chairs, motioning for the young woman to join her.
    “You say you are a Harlot.  I’ve been told I am to be one as well, Dianna.  Can you explain to me what that means?”
    The woman stared dully at the wall, replying in a sing-song tone, as though repeating a speech she’d learned by rote.  “Harlots serve at the pleasure of their masters.  We have no duty but to please them, no desires but their desires, no will but what they will us to do.”
    Carefully, AJ sent out her power, probing the mind of the woman in front of her.  She got back an agonizing wave of hopelessness.  Below it, lay only sorrow.  No spark of vitality, no essence of free will, no semblance of independent thought remained in this woman.  It was as though she had entered a mind that was nothing more than an empty shell.
    She sighed.  Nothing in her training had prepared her for this.  Her mental skills were proving worthless in this culture.
    “Can you tell me what they’re going to do to me tonight?”
    Once again the woman replied by rote, parroting the words the General had uttered as though she’d been there in the room to hear them.
“At nightfall, this Harlot will be brought into the square, stripped naked in front of all the men in Petra, and receive twenty strokes from the High Priest with the Instrument of Correction.  Then General Tok will award this Harlot to a Master for the night, as his gift, to discipline her privately before using her in any way he chooses.”

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Kallista’s Bio
           Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or dance or paint.  I have but one talent.  I am a weaver of words.  I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.
           As a little girl I was afraid to take risks.  But when I grew up, I vowed never to let the thrills in life pass me by because of fear.  Since then, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, gone scuba diving in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail. But the greatest risk I’ve taken is sharing my naughtiest secret fantasies in the books I write.
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Presenting - The Emerald Virgin - by Ravyn Rayne

Title: The Emerald Virgin
Series: Gem Apocalypse Book One
Author: Ravyn Rayne
Publisher: Blushing Books
Published: June 19th, 2015
Genre: Dystopian Erotica

Emerald – a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions.
After the war, King Gideon rose in power. A lust-filled and greedy king that believed in the power of slavery.
At eighteen, women were required to come before King Gideon and his four sons, to offer themselves as a courtesan. The princes took only those they found most attractive and alluring. The rest were returned to their homes with a brand on their wrist proving they had been through the process and rejected. Ignoring the ritual was punishable by death.
Aria Stone had been kept hidden from the princes and the ceremony, because she was an Emerald. At twenty-three, the royal guards storm her home, murder her mother, and drag her to court. She must face the four princes.
A dystopian erotic adventure.

"Your guards murdered my mother, dragged and drugged me from my home. Anything else you wish to know?" Aria asked, short-tempered.
James stepped close enough to feel his breath against her cheek. "I can see your reluctance to be here, but I assure you no harm will come to you, Aria."
It was hard to believe him given the circumstances. Aria crossed her arms defensively. She didn't say a word. There was nothing to say that would please him and make her happy. She wouldn't lie or pretend to care about him when anger ebbed away at her and boiled in her blood. Not when he made Aria think of her mother and asked her about what happened, as if he pretended to care. Unlike the other women here looking for something, she just wanted her freedom returned. Pretending eluded her.

Author Interview

The Gem Apocalypse series has quite a bit to do with eye color, what color eyes do you have?
Mine are green. I guess you could say authors always find ways to pull elements of themselves or real life into their stories.

Speaking of real life elements, do you use any true stories in your fiction?
Fiction is that for a reason. My life wouldn't make a great book (at least not a romance novel). With that being said, Dating Wars (Federal Agent Chronicles Book 2) does delve a little into some real dating horror stories that I've experienced. A few are true, some are fictitious. I'll let you be the judge.

First dystopian novel you read and fell in love with?
In college I read The Handmaid's Tale for a Sociology class. I loved the novel and quite honestly it was probably the first book I ever read for school that I went back to read other works by that author. At the time I read it, I thought it more science fiction (and it is). I had no idea there was a category called Dystopian fiction.

Will we get to see more of the other brothers, especially those that have a little less book time?
I would love to do that! The plan is to do a spin-off series featuring Aaron and maybe some time with Henry too, along with more of the courtesans.

What's the last book you read?
The Science of Submission by Victoria Winters.

What are you currently reading?
Late Blooming Lily by Bryony Kildare.

The Emerald Virgin takes place in the future. Can you tell us how much in the future it is?
Not as far away as one might think. In the third book we get a glimpse of some past technology, including cars that are self-driving. It might sound like science fiction but the technology is already available.

Are there supposed to be parallels drawn between the Holocaust and the Gem Apocalypse?
Great question! Absolutely there are parallels because I believe our history is a great source for creative story telling. Readers want to relate to stories and when they're cemented in reality, even if it's horrific, it makes it easier to feel and understand what the characters are experiencing.

About the Author

Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation, wherever it might be.
Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.
Although BURNING DESIRE is her debut romantic erotica novel, it is not her first published book. She has been published professionally since 2013. You can find her other books here.
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Everlasting Hope Corbin’s Bend Season 3 by the Fabulous Maggie Ryan

Everlasting Hope Corbin’s Bend Season 3
Everleigh has waited for weeks for her fiancé's return. Rob had been overseas for six weeks and his absence was almost more than Ever could take. Even knowing that he was going to take her over his knee for ignoring his instructions didn't dampen her desire to have him home. After a few weeks of constant togetherness, Rob sees a change in the woman he loves. As their wedding draws closer, his sweet Ever was threatening to turn into one of those horrid Bridezillas. He decides she needs a different project, one that captured her artistic spirit. Ever is all for following this order but finds her original plans change when she learns of a project that will allow her to honor the men and women who serve their country. The residents pull together to help these injured soldiers. Tory's husband, John, needs more than his wife's love and as a fellow resident of this special community, Rob takes on a project of his own. Ever finds that art takes many forms and hope is everlasting as long as there are people in the world that reach out to help their fellow man.
Blushing Books:
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“Yes, Sir,” she said clearly and without a moment’s hesitation. The waiting was over, the attempts at postponement a thing of the past.
Rob lifted his hand and brought it down sharply against her left cheek. Ever’s hiss at the contact was ignored as he repeated the swat on her right cheek. Crisp, sharp swats were delivered on alternating cheeks until her skin began to turn pink and her bottom began to churn. When her foot kicked up, he reminded her to keep her legs down. A hand flew back after a hard swat was given under the curve of her buttocks.
“Hands flat on the floor, young lady,” Rob instructed. He lifted her buttock a bit higher to swat in the same spot twice more.
“Rob, please – it hurts!” Ever cried out, her head thrown back as a flurry of fast swats was delivered in rapid succession. The toes of her heels tapped against the floor behind her, her fingernails scrabbling against the wood floors.
“It’s supposed to hurt,” Rob announced, tilting her a bit further forward to position her anew. “You are being punished. It would be rather pointless to put you over my lap if I didn’t make your butt burn.” His palm slapped down on the back of her thigh and she screeched, her leg kicking up again. “Everleigh, keep your feet down! We have barely even started.”

Author Questions:
How much of your books are realistic?
           This is hard to answer. Some of them contain a great deal of my real-life experiences and memories. My historical ones are the least realistic I suppose but I do try to research actual events, dates, clothing, and items mentioned in the books. For the rest of it, I rely on my imagination.

How do you think the Internet and the surge of spanking related erotica is helping men and women who, pre-Internet, were confused or ashamed by their unusual desires.
           Before I answer this, I'd like to pass on something my psychology professor told our class. He asked for us to define abnormal. While most people answer as something not normal, he then asked us to define normal. The lesson was that normal or unusual have a million different definitions depending on who is defining the word.
           To answer the question, I believe that the Internet and the surge of spanking related erotica have allowed people not to be frightened to explore their desires. Finding your kink shared by others is certain to take away a bit of the fear of being outcasts from some normal definition. Television and movies are also expanding circles of acceptance. In my books, I try hard to stay within the boundaries of safe, sane and consensual between legal aged adults and whatever activity is being explored, it must not cause harm to anyone.
What inspired you to write your first book?
           I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but the first book I wrote for actual submission was actually written on a dare.
What is the worst critique you have ever gotten?
           A reader stated that while she loved all my books, I had one character that ruined an entire series for her. All I could do was explain that my intention hadn't been to do so and assure her that the next book hopefully would have her feel the character had redeemed himself.
And the best?
           I had a reader write and state that reading my books is helping her realize that she is not alone. She stated that reading about couples sharing love as well as discipline helped her feel validated in her desires.
What are your pet peeves or interesting things about you that you dislike?
           Pet peeves – judgmental people. We are all here on this earth together and I would so like it if people would try to accept/help others instead of hating them for being different than themselves.
           Something I dislike about myself – I tend to put myself down and not believe in my own worth. I can and do write about strong women but am still learning to be one.
Last, tell us one of your favorite things about someone in your family.
           I can just see my kids reading this and all tapping their foot waiting to ask why I didn't choose them. So, being an experienced mom, I'm going with my husband. He is one of the most open minded men I've ever met. He can sit and talk to virtual strangers for hours and, best of all, he allows me to be me. He will sit and listen to me read a new plot line or story idea. He has absolutely no problem telling me – uh, maybe you need to rethink that as we as state – sounds great – start writing. He is my best friend.

Form the Author:
I have been writing stories as long as I can remember. I am an author with Blushing Books. I enjoy writing both contemporary erotica as well as historical books set in ages past. I love developing characters that are able to tell their own stories. My heroines are multi-faceted women who are strong, intelligent and capable in their own right but find a deep need to share their lives with those strong, sexy and dominant alpha males that capture their hearts. My heros recognize the gift of submission for the gift it is, loving and protecting the women that offer that gift. I enjoy sweet, romantic stories with just a taste of domestic discipline as well as one that explore the harsher D/S lifestyle. I also enjoy writing age-play stories set both in Victorian era where women didn't have a great deal of power in their lives as well as in today's present time where women still find their happiness is greatly enhanced in offering the gift of submission. My hope is that you settle back in your favorite chair and allow my books to entertain you and let you escape into another world.

Please feel free to contact me at: as I'd love to hear from you.

I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a review on Amazon as well as reviews not only help inform other potential readers about books that you have enjoyed, they serve to help me strive to become a better writer. I so appreciate every reader and wish you Happy Reading!

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Special Introductory Price - Abby's Bluff - 4th July Weekend Offer - only on Amazon!

Happy 4th of July, all! Today I am excited to showcase my latest book, Abby's Bluff.
Abby's Bluff is available exclusively on Amazon this weekend for a special, new release sale price of $2.99.  
On Monday, it will be available everywhere else (Blushing Books & Barnes & Noble)...but at the regular price of $4.99.  Don't miss this chance to get this HOT new release for almost half-off!
Abielle O'Sullivan's world is turned on its axis when her boyfriend is killed in a motorcycle crash. To break the ensuing months-long cycle of self-destructive grief, her bestie, Miah, buys plane tickets and first class accommodation for a mad-ass weekend in Las Vegas. On their very first night, Abby meets Joel; an aloof but streetwise card sharp who is drawn to the cautious and sad-eyed beauty. He encourages the two friends to try their hands at the poker tables.
When Miah gets out-of-control drunk and loses more than she can pay, Joel offers Abby an unusual way out of the jam. Depending upon who wins one game of high-card, the alpha male will either cover Miah's losses, or Abby will become his sex slave for the duration of the rest of her stay in Vegas. Desperately wanting to help her friend, Abby is sorely tempted by his offer, even though she is not a gambling woman. Finally, she takes a chance and plays the game.
When she loses the draw, Abby's once limited sexual horizons are pushed to their limits.
With his understanding and sympathetic nature, however, Joel could prove to be more than a means to heal the hurt from her past. In fact, he might just be the one man she'd always dreamed of. Then again, he could also be a conman. In the end, only she can decide what her limits are.
And what happens after that is anyone's game.
Buy Abby's Bluff now!
"And bring random women."
"You're fishing again."
I wiggled my butt at him.  "I'm not the pervy one into donkeys."
He laughed. "I'm not into donkeys, you twit. I just love nature. You can lose yourself in the city, sometimes. I come out here to remind myself that Vegas is just an illusion. And you know exactly what I mean, you mischievous minx."
I did. But it was fun to string him along for a bit. I walked a little way off, following some loose tumbleweed, imagining what it would be like to drift so randomly free. But then I looked back to see if Joel was watching me. He was just a foot or so away, and had that look, so I knew I was in for it.
"Take your dress off."
"Here? Out in the open?"
"You know the rules, Abby. Do not question me when we play."
"Yes, oh, masterful one."
"You'll be punished for that."
I laughed, but played along. This time, my heart stopped more from the fear of being seen by others than from being naked in front of him. But I was growing used to obeying his commands. I removed my hat, pulled my dress over my head, and stood there, exposed to the elements and the burro. I prayed at least he'd avert his innocent eyes.
"And the rest. Take those off, too. You can put the hat back on. I don't want you getting sunstroke."
This time I took everything off quickly. The longer I dragged this out, the greater the chance of discovery.
"Now drop to your knees."

Heather Hart is a British novelist and short story writer.  Her pen names include P J Perryman and Jill Jackson. She currently lives in Maryland with two fat cats just a few doors away from her adopted American family.  Heather dreams of having a NY Times best seller and being hugged by Benedict Cumberbatch. She's not fussy about which one comes first. Unless there’s chocolate. Sweet Lord, please! Feed her chocolate.

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