Monday, December 21, 2015

Presenting: A Little Sunshine, by the Grand Masters of Naughty, Abbie Adams and Maggie Ryan #spanking

It doesn't get any sexier than this! Tonight, instead of bringing you one tantalizing spinner of naughtiness I bring you two! A Little Sunshine was penned by two infamous masters of tease, the magnificent Maggie Ryan and the outrageous Abbie Adams. The mind boggles when you try and picture the hijinks those two got up to as they weaved their wicked plot. Anyway, enough from me - sit back, grab a cocoa and enjoy this tantalizing little bite of saucy oooh!
"Come here, little girl. It's your turn."
"What?" Her head snapped back in his direction and her eyes connected with his dangerous, gray glare.
"I only give instructions once, so you had better pay attention to me, young lady. I want you in front of me now." His already deep tone of voice lowered. It didn't reassure her, instead making her a little more aware of the predicament she was in. How had she gotten herself into this again?
She moved quickly to obey his command that time, even though she was trying to figure out what to say or how to protest, but words wouldn't spring to mind, much less leave her lips. Her fingers still wanted to pick at and rub each other endlessly. Standing in front of him, Sunny felt awkward and now had a new understanding of that phrase about knees knocking.
He studied her without any sign of shame, his dark heated gaze travelling slowly over her small body.
"So, you are fascinated by spanking, are you?" His left eyebrow arched dangerously.
"No!" She finally found her voice and could feel her cheeks turning red.
"But you liked watching. Are you now trying to lie to Daddy?"
She gulped hard, trying to keep her mouth from falling open. Had he said Daddy? She couldn't look at his face anymore.
"I just—I don't know. It's barbaric," she stuttered. Oddly enough, she'd never had a stuttering problem prior to that night.
"Perhaps, but you liked it, and now it's your turn because it is not nice to watch when you don't have permission. You're going to learn very quickly that a punishment spanking is not fun. Pull your pants down and put yourself over my lap and I'll take it easy on you for obeying."
"No!" she gasped, turning to run away as reality sank in. She was going to be spanked by him! He was really going to do it. Trent caught her arm in his with one hand and the other easily tugged her stretchy leggings down. She was flailing, but it was useless. With a strong tug, she was upended. His muscular thighs were hard against her tummy, his torso warm against her side, and his arm across her back held her tightly in place.
"No. Let me go! Oh, please don't do this. Oh no, no, no," she wailed.
"You can stop the theatrics; they won't get you anywhere. Little girls who are naughty get spanked." His other hand came to her hip and pulled her tighter against him. "And, we both know you were a very naughty little girl, don't we?"
Oooh errr, that was very naughty, wasn't it! Well, if you want to read the rest of this delicious bit of wicked, please click here! And to explore more stories by these saucy minxes, please check out these following links!
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